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A Hometown Guy For A Hometown Job


PJ Redmond grew up in Chester County, specifically West Goshen Township, just outside the Borough of West Chester. He continues to reside there now and has for more than twenty years with his family (his wife, Natalie, a 3rd grade public school teacher, and their two sons, Dan and Michael). He’s a hometown guy.

He worked his way through Villanova (waitering mostly) and worked a few years at a print shop before going to law school. (Villanova again.) In fact, all his jobs except for a summer as a hotel Porter in Ireland, have been in West Chester, Chester County.

Where PJ Is Coming From 

Salesianum. Villanova. Chester County.

A Track Record Of Service 

What we need in a Judge is someone who is interested in people; in how things work; in how businesses operate; in how people can be challenged by the distractions in their lives. PJ lives those traits. He believes in service and in modeling it for others...especially our youth. He knows how important it is to give back to the place where you live; to be part of the fabric of the community. Doing so actively improves lives. For decades PJ has been active in Scouting. He also volunteers at St. Agnes School, and in many other activities in the community.


Volunteerism. Boy Scouts. St. Agnes School.


More about PJ Redmond

After graduating from Salesianum, PJ earned his undergraduate and Juris Doctorate degrees from Villanova University. He was a partner with a private law firm then shifted his work to serve indigent clients as a Public Defender. When PJ isn’t in court or visiting the county jail, he dedicates his time as a Scoutmaster for the Boy Scouts of America and volunteers with the Saint Agnes School in West Chester Borough. He accounts his experience at every level of Court and his volunteer service to understanding the values of service and giving back to the West Chester community. He was raised in West Goshen off Boot Road and now resides in the Caswallen development in West Goshen with his wife, their two sons, and two dogs.

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