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Tuesday, September 19

PJ Redmond Fundraiser 2023-09-19 Thumbnail px0400x0518-en.png

To RSVP or Sponsor contact Thomas Donohue: or 484.653.7189

Did you know that once elected, Judges can’t participate in politics? The system is set up that way so that they stay neutral. They can’t raise money; they can’t comment on any subject which might come in front of them in the Court.


Pennsylvania designed the role to be impartial – and not political.


And yet they must run for the office. And running for office takes money.


PJ's campaign knows that every politician from Washington to West Chester is asking for your money right now. And yet we humbly must ask.


The good news is that when you donate to PJ's campaign, the money stays local. And, when you elect PJ on November 7, he won't be asking you again!

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