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Race for Chester County Court of Common Pleas features crowded field

The Daily Local

by Michael P. Rellahan

Synopsis --Tuesday, May 16, will be a historic primary election with five positions on the Court of Common Pleas of Chester County on the ballot — the most of any election in the county’s 340 years. Twelve attorneys will be on that ballot, running for the office that represents the county’s trial court, in which criminal, civil, and family legal matters are addressed. The candidates, including PJ Redmond, are listed in alphabetical order with a short description. It is noted that PJ is an assistant county Public Defender and was rated as Qualified by the Bar Association.


Link to Daily Local Article  (Note The Daily Local has a free article limit)


A look at the candidates running for Chester County Common Pleas Court

The Daily Local

by Michael P. Rellahan

Synopsis -- In the Tuesday, May 16, Primary Election there are 12 candidates seeking nomination to run in the November General Election for the five open seats on the Chester County Court of Common Pleas. In this article, they were asked by MediaNews Group to answer questions about their background and the role they see for the county’s trial court. Each of their responses, in alphabetical order, is provided in this article, including PJ Redmond's.


Link to Daily Local Article  (Note The Daily Local has a free article limit)


Judicial Elections Voter Guide: Pennsylvania Candidates Discuss Qualifications, Approach Ahead of 2023 Primary

The Legal Intelligencer

by the ALM Staff

Synopsis -- An in-depth look at the Keystone State’s judicial races, made up of a series of Q&A-style interviews with the candidates to get information on their background and thoughts about how they will approach the bench. This primary election features more than 100 candidates vying for seats on 27 common pleas benches, as well as spots on the state’s three appellate courts. This includes a brief overview of the Chester County candidates, including PJ Redmond.


Link to the main Legal Intelligencer Article

Link to the Chester County Common Please Court Judicial Race Content


Four rated ‘qualified’ for Chester County bench; not all join in survey

The Daily Local

by Michael P. Rellahan

Synopsis -- In an effort to inform the public about the judge candidates seeking seats on the Common Pleas Court in the May 16 primary, a Chester County Bar Association survey gave four their highest rating. Rated “qualified” to serve on the court were attorneys P.J. Redmond of West Goshen, Donald Kohler of West Chester, Thomas “Tip” McCabe of Newlin, and District Attorney Deborah Ryan of Birmingham.


Link to Daily Local Article  (Note The Daily Local has a free article limit)


Election 2023: Primary Voting Guide For Chester County

Patch Malvern

by Holly Herman

Synopsis -- The May 16 primary for Chester County will feature candidates for judges, county, and local municipalities, as well as school boards. This article includes all of the pertinent dates for voter registration

and the last to apply for mail-in ballots (May 9). It also lists the 12 candidates running for five positions on the Chester County bench, including PJ Redmond of West Goshen.


Link to Patch Article


Chester County political parties set slates for primary

The Daily Local

by Michael P. Rellahan

Synopsis -- The article covers the nominating conventions for the Republican and Democrat parties in Chester County, and reveals their endorsed slates of candidates for county offices ahead of the May primary. The Daily Local noted that the Court of Common Pleas race has a “very unusual five openings” this year. Coverage indicated that the Republican committee convention endorsed Assistant county Public defender PJ Redmond, Uwchlan attorney David Black, West Chester attorney Donald Kohler, current Common Pleas Judge Lou Mincarelli, and West Vincent attorney Andy Rongaus for the role.


Link to Daily Local Article   (Note The Daily Local has a free article limit)

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